About Me


My name is Paul and I’m a music producer. I created this site to serve as a platform to teach others music production. I focus on electronic dance music but much of what I teach can be applied to other music genres. Feel free to browse around check out some of the articles and hopefully if I’ve done my job right learn some useful things!

I’m always looking to add new articles, improve the site and help in best way I can.

A bit of background on me. I live in a town just outside Birmingham UK. I have never formally studied music production, composition or mixing but am completely self taught. I began producing music years ago with a copy of Reason and a great deal of patience. I spent much of time reading tutorials, watching videos on youtube all to help me improve my production.

After a massive learning curve I can comfortably say I now possess the skills to build up tracks from scratch and create some really enjoyable music. I love production th creativity and fun in creating a track has real appeal and in recent years I have seen it ganer appeal for more and more people.

With the inception of the internet producers now have more and more influence over the music industry and are finally recieving the respect and reconginition we deservce. I hope you enjoy this site as much as I did creating it. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me.



72 Dingle Street
West Bromwich West Midlands