Dubstep Turbo: What software to use to make dubstep music at home

Dubstep music has exploded into the mainstream over the last 5 years. From finding its way to the charts to being used in mainstream video games and movie trailers dubstep is now a major music genre for the modern generation. In this article I will cover some dubstep software you will need to produce dubstep turbo music.

Dubturbo is a relatively new release; designed to be a simple solution for new producers who struggle with more complicated software. Many beginners struggle to develop great sounding music with software such as Reason or FL studio. These tools were developed for professional studios for professional producers with formal training.

I have been teaching people interested in music production for a number of years and continually see them struggle with professional software such as Reason. I whole heartily recommend dubstep turbo as a real solution. It may not have the in depth capabilities that other music recording tools have however it much easier to use and learn.


One thing that surprised me with the software is that is possible to run it completely online. For example you can just open your web browser and the software is available for use without downloading or installing anything. This enables you to use the tool from anywhere in the world. I have never seen this with any other tools and is a great benefit.

Included in with the software are a number of sample packs. These are included for a number of genres including hip hop, drum and bass, and most importantly for us dubstep. High quality sample packs are incredibly important and can be the difference between a poor sounding mix and a great one. They can also be very expensive ranging from over $50 for a single pack the number that are included for free is very impressive and great value.

One of the most important facts is that the tool comes with a series of training videos. These are accessible from the members’ area and cover the basics of the software. From these videos you will begin to understand the software very quickly there really isn’t much of a learning curve. I recommend you watch these videos before you spin up the tool and begin. This will make it much easier for you to understand how everything works .

So yeah if you are interested in producing dubstep music check out dubturbo. I guarantee you will not regret this decision and if you do there is a 60 day money back no questions guarantee. So there really isn’t any risk. Until next time guys happy producing!